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The Stealth-Like City Election

George Wenschhof What if you held a municipal election and no one voted?  Well, The City of Frederick has been doing this for quite some time.  The city averages less than 25% turnout in the general election when everyone can vote regardless of political party

Rebid Hotel/Conference Center

George Wenschhof Over the last seven years, The City of Frederick has repeatedly fumbled and stumbled throughout the development process for a desired downtown hotel/conference center.  The result is a convoluted project destined to be a failure for taxpayers. Over two months ago, the Maryland

There’s Something Happening Here

George Wenschhof It was a tough start for the new United States administration as the massive protests on Saturday dwarfed the attendance at the inaugural festivities the day before. “He’s Not My President” and “Impeach and Replace” were just a few of signs displayed by

The Branding of America Politics

George Wenschhof With only days before the 2016 General Election, many voters across America are wondering “How can the presidential race be so close?” and asking “How could a carnival barker like Donald Trump be remotely close to the presidency at this late date”? Good

Shackelford Considers Run for City Alderman

George Wenschhof Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Derek Shackelford and discuss The City of Frederick 2017 election.  He had run a strong race for alderman in the 2013 Democratic primary and fallen short.  I wanted to see if he had

Clinton Uses the Rope–A-Dope

George Wenschhof As I watched the second 2016 presidential debate, I could not keep from thinking back to the 1974 epic fight in Zaire, Africa between heavyweight boxers Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. In that championship title boxing match, Ali would let Foreman punch himself

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