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George Wenschhof

Clinton Uses the Rope–A-Dope

George Wenschhof As I watched the second 2016 presidential debate, I could not keep from thinking back to the 1974 epic fight in Zaire, Africa between heavyweight boxers Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. In that championship title boxing match, Ali would let Foreman punch himself


Frederick Pulse Vigil a Poignant Moment

George Wenschhof Last Tuesday evening, I was one of a reported 1,000+ people who attended the candlelight vigil in Frederick. I was struck by the need for reasonable gun control legislation, recognizing LGBT rights and for acceptance of religious beliefs. All three would sadly converge


Democratic Dominos Set to Fall in Maryland

George Wenschhof The announcement by Maryland U.S. Democratic senator Barbara Mikuski that she would not be running for reelection set off a momentous chain reaction among Democratic elected officials and activists. On Tuesday April 26, primary election day in Maryland, voters will determine the outcome.


Frederick Hotel Follies Continue

George Wenschhof The City of Frederick Republican Mayor Randy McClement continues to stumble as he attempts to move his signature downtown hotel/conference center project forward. After, a recent vote by the Maryland general assembly Mclement issued this press release. The press release started with: McClement,


Frederick Hotel Follies

George Wenschhof Unfortunately, the mayor of The City of Frederick, Republican Randy McClement has been mostly missing in action while his signature downtown hotel/conference center project comes under fire by concerned citizens. A project, as proposed, that should not move forward. It was shortly after


Trone Self Funds Campaign for Congress

George Wenschhof David Trone Recently, voters in Maryland’s 8th congressional district have been introduced to Democratic candidate David Trone by way of a series of compelling television spots and direct mail. Some of the televised spots depicted have been his growing up on the family


Weir Wants More Public Input on Downtown Hotel

George Wenschhof Jane Weir recently agreed to my request for an interview about her concerns about the proposed downtown hotel/conference center located along Carroll Creek in the historic district of The City of Frederick. A quick and brief history of this project is the idea

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